Full members of the EAA are listed below.

Airsoft Alliantie België (AAB)^5104849D2F30291E94AF283070AD338D8ED066FC98970D05EB^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Airsoft Alliance Belgium
State- Belgium
Representative- Johan Lahaye, EAA Liason
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Hrvatski Airsoft Savez (HASS)Croatian Airsoft Federation

Croatian Airsoft Federation
State- Croatia
Representative- Richard Lewis, EAA Liason
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Česká Federace Airsoftu (ČFA)1381870_602452479820976_1427319977_n

Czech Federation Airsoft
State- Czech Republic
Representative- Jiří Kaňka, President
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Fédération Française d’Airsoft (FFA)

French Airsoft FederationLogo-Portail
State- France
Representative- Benoit Marius, President
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Irish Airsoft Association (IAA)Irish Airsoft Association

State- Ireland
Representative- Craig Moloney, EAA Liason
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De Nederlandse Airsoft Sportbond (NABV)NABVLOGO

Dutch Airsoft Interests Association
State- Netherlands
Representative- Joachim Dekkers, EAA Liason
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Associação Portuguesa de Milsim e Airsoft (APMA)apma_p11

Portuguese Milsim and Airsoft Association
State- Portugal
Representative- Nuno Onça, President
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Српски АирСофт Савез (CACC)Serbian Airsoft association

Srpski AirSoft Savez (SASS)
Serbian Airsoft Federation
State- Serbia
Representative- Željko Filipović, Treasurer
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United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU)UKAPU

State- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Representative- Matt Furey-King, Chair
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