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EAA at Berget 10

The EAA president will be at Berget 10 in sweden from 26th to 30th June so come by the Poldavian camp and say hi if you want to talk shop or ask questions. Matt will be with 15th engineers under

Inaugural meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes of the first VOIP meeting held by the EAA. Following further debate a follow up meeting will be held soon.   Link to minutes of first meeting   If you have any questions or comments please

First representative SKYPE meeting!


This weekend on Sunday we had our first international SKYPE meeting! 8 associations represented! Matt Furey-King was elected as president, many thanks to outgoing president Gerard Goos. Lots of agreements reached. Lots of common interests and excitement about uniting European

Alive and kicking

Lately we have seen the airsoft struggles in California, we think it’s important to unite as airsoft players! Also in Europe! Therefore support the EAA and contribute where possible. Here is our latest news update: Going socialThe EAA is already a

California Bill SB798

The European Union is no stranger to Airsoft legislation but now it is the turn of the Californian Airsoft community to show down against a proposal which would require all Airsoft replicas to be 100% brightly coloured (think pink, red

Airsoft might soon be legal in Holland!

Airsoft might soon be legal in Holland! The Dutch Airsoft Association NABV ( recently reported very interesting developments regarding airsoft in Holland. After 7 years of lobbying and hard work the board of the NABV managed to get Airsoft on

European Commission Airsoft Questions

After our meeting in Brussels we really had a great feeling about the conversation and the enthousiastic reactions. It seems that on March 31st Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (ALDE) already submitted her questions to the European Commission. Please her document below. We

Meeting in Brussels

The EAA will travel to Brussels to have their first conversations with members of the European Parlement Mr. A.J.M. (Toine) Manders en Mevr. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert. This Thursday, 4th of March 2010, a deligation will visit them in Brussels. The topic

EAA Update

Here is a word from the EAA. We have introduced a link list of all known national airsoft associations. Visit and support yours! When your assocaition is missing on the list, please feel free to contact us. The EAA registered

Forum + Registration online

Today we enabled the forums on the EAA website. You have to register to access the forums. There will also be an internal EAA forum. An account can be created here… Remark this is just a functional registration which has