What is the EAA?

The European Airsoft Association is the world’s first pan continental airsoft organisation. Over time, more of each nations laws are dictated by directives from the European parliament. As such, the traditional approach of lobbying state governments to protect airsoft may not be solely effective in the future. The EAA represents the interests of European skirmishers by talking directly to the relevant bodies of the EU. As well as this, the EAA provides recognition and guidance to national associations, which form our membership in the manner of a federation. We also help associations talk to each other, so that each may share information and pool resources. The EAA is led by the President (assisted by an administrative team) and decision making is performed by the general committee, consisting of representatives from each member association. Our core ideals revolve around democracy, honest representation, professionalism, openness and to remain non profit. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers and we are run in accordance with a constitution, which you can find on this website. The EAA does not set out to govern airsoft, but to help the hobby (and industry) expand and ensure its future.

The truly remarkable thing about airsoft players is that from Portugal to Norway to Turkey, we are hundreds of thousands of brothers in arms who share everything in common. In the spirit of the grand European project, the ultimate aim is to enable everyone to participate in a community of airsoft without borders. So lets get in contact, work together, look out for each other and most importantly, play together!

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