New website!

Hello, and welcome to our new site! We’re very proud of it and in addition to the visual and interactivity improvements we are happy that we have made editing and adding to the site easier for the committee, therefore we will make more information available to you. With the addition of our new forum, this site will help us push forward as the open, democratic association that European airsoft deserves.

Many thanks to Richard Lewis from Croatia who has voluntarily put this site together over the last few months. Also, a big shout to Ronald Meuwissen who created, hosted and maintained the previous website for many years. Without this site the EAA would never have gotten this far.

As we’ve made a fresh start on the forum, please come and re register. The new forum also allows you to link your facebook account, and help spread the good word about airsoft in Europe!

Matt Furey-king, President

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