Change of Leadership

Hello all. I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and New Year. My name is Matt Furey-King, for those of you that don’t know me, I am an airsoft player from the UK. I founded UK Airsoft Players Union, and was President of European Airsoft Association 2011-2015.  I would like to let you know new leadership have been elected,  I have been selected as President of the EAA for 2019.

My aims for the EAA in 2019 are modest. I would like the EAA to remain ready to defend our hobby from restrictions. I would like to add more member associations to EAA, so that we share more information and support each other better. I would also like to post more information on our website to help players who travel internationally to games. Read more ›

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Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Dear Airsoftsport enthousiasts,
2017 has been a great year for the airsoftsport in Europe, with ofcourse the number 1 achievement (due to all of the hard work done by the entire community) by being able to remove airsoft devices as firearms in the newly written EU Firearm Directive. We also made steps to further enhance and professionalise the EAA. To support and further enhance the EAA, please consider a donation!
So on behalf of the entire EAA team we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year’s Eve.
Kind regards,
Joachim, Ronald, Gerard, Richard

Traveling with your Airsoft device

We have received several questions regarding traveling by car or train from country A to country B, while crossing The Netherlands and taking your airsoft devices with you. To be able to do so you need to request an exemption with the Dutch Department of Security and Justice.

How to start traveling?

More information (in Dutch) can be found on this website: Including the form which needs to be filled in and send to the Department. Unfortunately the EAA can not assist in filling out the form.

Currently, we are working on an easier solution for international players together with the Dutch government. Please understand this is a long process! We will keep you informed as soon as there are new developments.
Kind regards,

Joachim Dekkers
President EAA

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EU Sport funding possibilities

As of tomorrow the new EU Sport funding possibilities for 2018 are open. For 2018 there is 37.4 million euro’s in funding available for sports related projects.

Want to apply for funding?

If your sports association wants to apply for funding you can check out the following website;

General Data Protection Regulation

On 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect. If your sports organisation keeps track of privacy sensitive information of your members, please make sure you abide by these new EU legislations.

Want to know more about this new regulation?

More information can be found on

Member ČFA introduced Czech national Airsoft app

Our member the ČFA (Czech Republic) announced today their very own Google application where you can find all the teams in Czech. It includes not only Airsoft teams, but also contacts for Airsoft Playgrounds, Children Army Camps, Service and Sales! Based on a map you will find all airsoft needs nearby!

The app can be downloaded here from the Google Play Store:

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Update EU Firearm Directive

Yesterday Directive 2017/853 was published which is the new EU Firearm Directive. It will be in effect on June 13th 2017 and member states have till 13 September 2018 to implement it’s rules. For Airsoft please direct your attention to page 4 article 27.


A milestone for our sport as the word Airsoft is being specifically named!
Please see this article in various languages which can be found here.

EAA Team

Airsoft Sport in Europe allowed to continue after European Parliament Vote

The Result

Quote from the new EU Firearms Directive amendment proposal. Voting took place on the 14th of March 2017 with 70% of MEPs voting in favour of the proposal:

“Directive 91/477/EEC is not applicable to other items, such as airsoft devices, which do not correspond to the definition of a firearm and are therefore not regulated by that Directive.”



The Airsoft sport will survive in its current form after an extended process of negotiations and considerations between Members of European parliament and industry pioneers which began late in 2015 which many thought to be a swift change to firearms laws taking advantage of the terrible terror attacks in France and Belgium.

In this effort, the European Airsoft Association joined representatives from many other sporting federations affected by this directive to inform the decision makers of all aspects of our respective sports and advocate their positive position in European society.

While the European Airsoft Association has worked tirelessly to inform and influence the outcome of this directive, we are extremely thankful and proud of the combined efforts that we have shared with representatives of ASG and Cybergun amongst other individual players and enthusiasts to shape this outcome.



In no uncertain terms, Amendment 107 (A8-0251/107 Details found here: Link) of the Directive 91/477/EEC has passed voting with a direct reference that states that an Airsoft device does not correspond to the definition of a firearm, meaning that an airsoft device will not be affected by this directive.

By definition, AEG’s and AEP’s, GBB’s, BFG’s and HPA systems are Airsoft devices and will not be subject to new regulation at this point in time.

This is the best outcome that we could have hoped to achieve and one that has been hard won.


What Happens Next

Now that the majority the compromise text of Directive 91/477/ECC has passed voting, it will have to pass the Council of Ministers before it can be implemented. At this moment we have no time frame on this however we will publish further updates once we have more information.


The Future

Although the Airsoft sport has achieved a positive result this time around, we will no doubt be under scrutiny in the future.

Preparations for this have already began and EVERY airsoft player has influence in this. It is imperative that the airsoft sport becomes an organised and structured sport recognised across Europe, governed by national associations with principles that are harmonious across all territories.

To achieve this, you as a player can get involved in local clubs. Local clubs need to get involved in national associations and national associations need to join the European Airsoft Association.

Together with your support, we stand a far greater chance of protecting the Airsoft sport. Without you, we may not succeed next time.


National Association?

If your country does not have an association / Federation and you have the time to organise one, the EAA are here to help and guide you through the process. You will be supported by many well organised and long standing associations from all across Europe. Just as they support each other as respected member states of the European Airsoft Association.

EAA Team

Help us to serve you!

We need help contacting national associations from nations not currently represented within the EAA

As most of you who have visited this site will know, we do not have representation for the majority of the European countries and this must change. consequently, to fix this we NEED your help! Every player stands to benefit from helping the EAA grow its borders so please act now.

Currently, our membership consists of associations from the following nations:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

We need more representation and we are not restricted to EU member states. we need ALL states in Europe to be involved.

If you see that your country is not on this list, and you know of a national association who should represent players in your country, we ask that you leave a comment below with their details or send us a message via our Facebook page here:

In order for us to succeed in Brussels, we need to show we have the support of the majority of Airsoft players and associations within Europe. if you are not yet a member of your national association, Please register and encourage your friends to do the same. 2016 has shown that a unified voice for Airsoft in Europe is absolutely necessary to protect the hobby that brings so many new friends together.


Happy Christmas Everyone!

The European Airsoft Association (EAA) would like to wish our supporters in every corner of the world and our member states a very Happy Christmas! What ever you find yourselves doing this season, let it be full of fun, family and friends.

Thank you all for your support through out 2016!

The year 2017

In 2017 the EAA will continue to stand for the protection of our beloved sport in Europe. Please continue to help us build our support base by liking, commenting and sharing our posts. So keep an eye on our website for our 2017 plans, because we need a strong voice for Airsoft in Europe.

With great respect,

The EAA Team

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