The EAA welcomes its newest full member – The FFA of France





Last Month the EAA member states unanimously voted in favour of the Fédération Française d’Airsoft (FFA) gaining Full EAA membership.

The EAA thanks the FFA for its application to join our association, we are greater and louder through this unity. At this time when our sport is finding its self targeted by anti-gun groups seeking to shut down an entire industry and hobby enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players across Europe, we absolutely need to grow and strengthen our position on the world stage.

France now joins fellow member states in their efforts to educate local and international political parties to the importance of our sport and community. we welcome them into our shared commitment to protect law abiding and sensible Airsoft players across every corner of Europe.

Important Update on Airsoft in EU Firearms Law

As you should be aware, since November last year the EU has been considering a proposal to amend the firearms directive which would classify replicas, including airsoft devices, as real firearms. They also wanted to ban any firearm of ‘military appearance’.

The result would be that nearly all airsoft devices would fall foul of the law and be banned from use by the public, and the few types that would be allowed would be extremely difficult for people to obtain and had to be registered individually. The authors of the proposal set out to get rid of replicas and thereby wipe out airsoft in the whole of Europe. We were looking at airsoft armageddon.

The European Airsoft Association was founded specifically to react to such a threat. Over the last 5 months we have done everything possible to save airsoft.DSC_0019

Our member associations have convened with their own ministers and governments. We have been working alongside people from the airsoft industry and manufacturers. We have energised thousands of players to write to their representatives through our ‘EU attack on airsoft’ campaign. We have attended many private meetings with members of parliament and members of the commission, as well as conferences and assemblies of the European Parliament.

At every meeting we have been raising positive awareness of our beloved sport, highlighting the ridiculousness and impracticality of the proposal, and trying to keep the airsofsport out of the scope of the European Firearms directive.

Our representatives and in particular President Joachim, have been to Brussels many times including a recent 2 day symposium.


Before the community took action the EU were not even aware that there was a legitimate use for replica firearms. After the combined campaign, MEPs publicly mentioned the airsoft sport as a positive!

The initial proposal was officially reviewed by Vicky Ford MEP, and the EAA worked with her team to get the amendment we needed put in to her draft report. The report of the rapporteur carries enormous weight. The draft report has just been released this week, and it recommends the following amendment at the very start of the document;

(3b) The definition of the term “firearm” should continue to exclude objects which expel a shot, bullet or projectile by the action of a non-combustible propellant, for example through the operation of compressed air or other gas, including so-called airsoft guns, as well as objects which merely have the appearance of a firearm (replicas, imitations), provided in both cases that such objects cannot be converted to a firearm or do not contain an essential component which is capable of being used in a firearm. Member States should be able to regulate such objects under their national law.

Amendment 81 clarifies this and amendment 85 specifically defines and excludes airsoft devices by name a second time!

This is amazing news! The airsoft community has made its voice heard and defended itself!

It’s very important to understand that we have not won yet, as the Parliament still needs to vote to approve the amendment, but the finish line is in sight. If the amendments are approved, airsoft will be enshrined in European law as non-firearms! Our sport will be in a safer position than ever before.

Another thing we were concerned about is that ‘blank fire grenades’ would have be controlled as firearms, but after our lobbying to raise awareness of these devices, more sensible measures have been recommended and, if adopted, airsoft enthusiasts will be able to continue buying and using BFGs in game as normal.

The firearms community still look set to lose some categories of firearm so we stand with them, as fellow shooters. Likely adoption of the directive will be later in the year but the amendments to the proposal will certainly be discussed in the coming months. Please watch this website and our Facebook page for updates.

The European Airsoft Association team.






Draft report on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Directive 91/477/EEC on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons


Operation MEP

Airsoft players of Europe- this is it. This is the big push, this is where you can save airsoft in Europe or let it be crushed. As you probably already know, the EC has presented a proposal to amend the firearms directive. There’s some really heavy handed stuff in the proposal, but the worst for airsofters is that they want ALL REPLICAS to be classed as firearms. This is going to make most airsoft replicas prohibited, make the few remaining ones licensed, and this will kill airsoft. This is how we fight it;

TASK 1: SEND LETTERS NOW! On the link below is a pre prepared letter which you can copy and send to your MEPs. Search on-line, find your MEPs email addresses, copy and paste this letter (and modify it however you like).

TASK 2: SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THE PAGE! Make sure your friends, everyone you play with and interact with knows about this draft letter, let the shops know, the sites, the forums, everyone! Too many people are in the dark about this sudden and huge problem.

TASK 3: TRANSLATE! We’ve started with the English version but within a week I would like to see the post available in all of the 23 recognised languages of Europe. If the letter is not available on the page in your language, translate it and email the translation to us ASAP and we’ll add it to the site.

It would really help if you posted the replies you receive on this page or email them so we can see how things are going and spot supporters in particular committees.

Don’t forget to insert your name, and add your MEPs name. Don’t forget to add your address to the top if you are posting a letter.

Here’s the link to the letter; 

Like us on Facebook or watch this news page for more information as it comes in

Matt Furey-King, President European Airsoft Association


You’ll notice the forum is down. We’re experimenting with replacing the forum with a Facebook group, to increase participation. You’ll find the group here

EAA Public Facebook Discussion Group

Feel free to ask us or discuss anything. Try and keep the discussion away from replicas, gear, game play etc. as there are many other good discussion groups for these subjects. We’ll fix the forum tab as soon as we get chance.

Matt, President

Halt the EU attack on Replicas!

Please watch this video for a short summary of the situation.

Here’s the full explanation;

For many years The European Airsoft Association has been concerned that a European directive could damage or even ban airsoft. Once implemented, all EU member states are obliged to put regulations into local law. At that point it’s too late, you cannot stop it in your own country. Unless we act, this exact scenario could happen very soon.

An anti-firearms group within the EC has published a proposal which primarily aims to get rid of all semi auto live firearms and most deactivated firearms. They are playing on people fears after the horrible terrorist attacks of the last year, but this is a cynical excuse for them to pursue a pre-existing agenda. The terrorist attacks have been carried out with illegally held weapons that have mostly come from military armouries via armed conflicts in the Balkans. These events are not connected to civilian firearms or to replica firearms either.

Although they present no argument against the current status of non-convertible replica weapons in the paper they throw in this subtle, yet devastating change to the classification of replicas-

(iii) In Category C, the following points are added: “5. Alarm and signal weapons, salute and acoustic weapons as well as replicas

This would mean that all replicas in Europe would become ‘firearms subject to declaration’. This would mean the following changes (subject to local laws);
• All replicas would need to be registered
• You would need to apply for permission to own a replica and would likely be subject to checks and licencing
• All replicas would be allocated a serial number
• You would require a European firearms pass to take replicas to a foreign country
• Internet sales would be banned (as the proposal also puts forward a ban on remote sales for all firearms).

We believe this change will be impractical, extremely hard (probably impossible) and expensive to implement, take resources and focus away from criminals and terrorism, will ruin a thriving airsoft retail industry and will not make citizens safer at all. As you may be aware, a worrying historic occurrence in some European countries has been forcing the register of firearms as a precursor to a ban and confiscation.

Here’s what you can do to prevent this-
1. Share this news story. Get the word out to your airsoft friends and contacts. Translate it into your native language. Use the hash tag‪#‎airsoftineurope‬

2. Fill out the feedback form for the proposal.…

3. Email your MEP. Tell them why they need to vote against this proposal!

4. Email a member of SEDE (EU Subcommittee on Security and Defence)…/…/sede/members.html…

Please stick to these rules-
• BE NICE! We want to win them over to our point of view, not make them see us as angry, unpleasant or single minded! Most MEPs won’t even be aware of the change affecting replicas, or the consequences of the change.
• STICK TO THE POINT. Tell them that non-convertible replicas should not be classified as firearms by being added to Category C of directive 91/477/EEC
• TALK ABOUT YOU. Tell them about how the changes will hurt you and your friends, your industry, your hobby. Talk from a personal perspective.
• FEED BACK THE RESPONSES. Forward all responses you get to me, furey_x (at) . We need to know how MEPs feel about this paper. I am building a database of the airsoft allies and supporters.

This amendment is being fast tracked (they are even going to skip the normal Economic impact assessment) and could be voted through in a very short space of time, so you need to act as soon as you read this (if you haven’t already).

Airsoft players should also stand with their cousins in the live firearms and deactivated firearms communities, they will also have their hobbies destroyed when none of us have any connection to recent events. Together with them, it is possible to act as a huge grass roots body and put down this ridiculous proposal. The EAA will also be lobbying the EC directly so like our FB page and we will keep you up to date with any new information.

Matt Furey-King, President European Airsoft Association


Proposal for a directive of the European parliament and of the council amending Council Directive 91/477/EEC on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons…/regdoc/rep/1/2015/EN/1-2015-750-EN-F…

Council directive (91 /477/EEC) (specifically, annex 1, Category C — Firearms subject to declaration)…

2015 AGM Minutes

Please view the AGM minutes and accounts here;

EAA 2015 AGM minutes
Accounts November 2014-December 2015

I’m pleased to announce I was re-elected and will fight hard to see that airsoft is not destroyed by a few misguided opportunists in the EU.

Matt Furey-King, President EAA

Back Online

EAA has been diligently working behind the scenes over the last months but we must apologise for letting our website go down for so long. We’re campaigning against the EU changes to the classification of replicas and expanding the association. We have just held the 2015 AGM and will release the minutes soon.

The site still has a few issues but fear not, we’re fixing them over the next few weeks.

Matt Furey-King, President EAA

2014 AGM Minutes

The minutes from the latest AGM are here EAA 2014 AGM minutes
and the accounts from the last year can be viewed here Accounts May 2014-November 2014

We are still in need of a treasurer so get in touch with me president(at) if you wish to volunteer, and help forward our cause.

Matt Furey-King, President

2013 AGM minutes

Please click the link to view the minutes of the 2013 AGM

2013 Annual General Meeting

We had to delay our 2013 AGM due to problems reaching quorum, but now we have lots of new members we are holding it retrospectively (which is a better option than missing it entirely) on the 10th September 2014. Attendance is for EAA officers only. Any European airsoft player may nominate themselves for president and/or add any issue to the agenda. If you wih to do either please email the President by the 26th August.

The meeting agenda can be viewed by clicking the following link EAA 2013 AGM agenda