Matt Furey-King – President of the EAA
Ronald Meeuwissen – Board member


We currently have a few vacancies so please contact the President if you are interested. Please remember that all positions are unpaid and staffed by volunteers, but as part of the EAA you can make a real difference to the future of Airsoft in Europe!

You will be responsible for completing and distributing minutes, arranging meetings and scrutinising membership applications

You will primarily be tasked with conducting research and making enquiries into obtaining grants for the association. In the future, you will distribute and collect the associations money, and accurately report to the committee on said activities.

National Representative
National Reps are volunteers from countries with no EAA full or probationary member, selected to represent that country. As a non officer, you will attend meetings and participate but not vote. You will be able to send feedback from players in your country and keep them up to date. We would like you to use the position to help airsoft get organised in your country and form a formal association that aims to join the EAA.

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